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About Recharge Computers

Recharge Computers is a local business that focuses on technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance and sales. There are three great steps to service with Recharge Computers: great technical support, troubleshooting and finding solutions. These needs are met by finding the problem through great communication and listening, then running though some problem solving techniques to solve the issue and last finding the solution, no matter what it may be even if it means knowing we cant assist but finding the immediate solution to what can. Whether its online order or a better part if we cant help, its free.

We can fix:

  • Apple Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Windows Systems
  • Linux Systems
  • Online based hardware
  • Nvidia hardware
  • AMD hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Cloud-based computing

and more!

Online Support

Online support is the best way to get service from home. From your desktop to your laptop to your phone or tablet online support is always a way to go.

Repair / Replace

Need repair? dont know whats wrong with your computer and need help fast? On hand technical troubleshooting is an option as well for those who need it. Need a new part? it can be replaced or ordered for you.


In the market to buy parts or new accessories? In the market to sell older ones? A deal can be made! if its phones, computers, computer parts or laptops if its in stock or you need to get rid of it, bring it on down.

Helping you find

The right solution no matter what.

Lets get in touch.

Phone: (515) 957-1237


Skype: recharge.computers (Recharge Associate)